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Available Services

Full Design Service

Also called Turn-key Service, this includes design consultancy + execution. Along with a contractor, we work from start to finish, to meet your specific needs and incorporate everything from conceptualization (layout, 3Ds, etc.) to putting in place everything at the site as designed.

Design Consultation

With design-only consultation we thoroughly assess the site and client's needs to provide detailed designs in the form of Layouts, 3D views, Technical Drawings, Colour/Material Boards. These tools can be directly used by the client to smoothly execute the shared vision we form of the space.

Remote Design

With the collaborative and visual nature of our design process we’re able to provide all necessary design tools (Layout, 3Ds, etc.) through online meetings, making it possible to get execution of the same done by client remotely without a hitch! We initially just require pictures/videos of the site and a floor plan having measurements of the site.   

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Why hire a professional?


Saves Time

Interior Designing is a multi-step process. A designer already has a trained sense of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. A task that might take you days to complete could be perfected by a professional in just a few hours! 


WOW Factor!

Interior designers possess a high level of creativity and attention to detail. This brings out one-of-a-kind designs to give your space a unique look which is sure to make you and your guests/customers go WOW!


Saves money

An initial investment in a designer’s fees goes a long way in avoiding expenses later on - like wrong furniture delivery, error in construction etc. You get better clarity with a pre-planned budget in hand. Additionally, also get the best quality at the best rates!


Better Functional Spaces

What use would a stylish space be if its utility is limited? With a designer's skills, you get a functional space custom made to maximise daily storage needs along with a valuable stylish home/office made as per your taste.


Works as per Budget

Understanding your budget and bringing the best available resources to create contemporary & unique designs for you is almost a super power with designers. Trust them to create the perfect setting even with a limited budget.


Better Resources

Interior designers have a network of vendors for raw material, furniture etc. So they bring the best the market has to offer while taking away the burden of coordination, cross checking qualities and other functional tasks.

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